Evaluate, Execute, Experiment...

Using Our Advanced Data Management Technology

We learned of other compelling features of our technology when it was adapted to predict/prevent breakdowns of a tunnel drilling machine.  Failures were traced to the lubricant [life blood] but rather than detect issues the engineers sought to reverse them.  Our technology determined the proper ratios of the 14 additives to condition the lubricant autonimously and injected them into the system, providing highly effective remote 'care' to the 'patient'. 


Recognizing the capabilities and the dilemmas faced in global healthcare, we decided to focus this robust technology there.  Healthcare faces a 'big data explosion' and must leverage new technologies and methodologies to meet growing demand.  This belief is widely recognized by many experts in the field.  

We've got a long history of making serious mistakes and increasing costs with technologies that were never validated.”  

Eric Topol, 2012’s #1 Most Influential Physician Executive in Healthcare

Automotive Solutions Driving Healthcare Transformation

With decades of experience developing and marketing consumer, communication and automotive products; our executive team has tremendous understanding of the technologies and applications that will play a significant role in healthcare transformation.  Our insights and agile technology platform will prove to be invaluable to partners as they embrace upcoming changes and thrive because of them.