Evaluate, Execute, Experiment...

Using Our Advanced Data Management Technology

MedLogiq Technology Platform

During the 1980's, the U.S. auto industry was undergoing a major metamorphosis.   Microprocessor use was expanding, quality and performance were surpassed by foreign competitors, liabilities were increasing and sweeping regulatory changes were being enforced.  Our technology was developed and continually evolves to answer these and other dynamic challenges.  There are striking parallels between these proven successes and the current healthcare environment, where our powerful capabilities and experiences will deliver even greater benefits to all healthcare stakeholders.

The heart of our solution is the Visual Authoring Tool®, it enables multiple users to create data analysis applications for their specific needs without writing a single line of code.  Literally hundreds of individual applications can be run to meet the real-time needs of any requirements, situations, departments, geographies or stakeholders.   

Visual Authoring Tool®

          -   Easily Create 'Big Data' Apps

          -   Intuitive Drag & Drop Interface

          -   No Software Coding Needed

          -   Highly Stable, Collaborative & Reusable

          -   Run 100's Of Apps At The Data Origin


"GM authoring environment [MedLogiq platform] was deployed in November, and the dealer diagnostic system was deployed to the 4,300 U.S. dealers on 12/12/10, achieving a $2B cost reduction over 3 years."


Steven Hill, North American VP, General Motors...when delivering GM's All Star Performance Award